Selecting hsCoders for your web site needs, large or small, ensures you will be working with a highly qualified team bringing you the kind of exemplary customer service you deserve.

Richard is the backbone of the team. He has been working with Microsoft development tools since the early 1990's developing both applications and websites. He started developing in .NET with release 1.0. Proficient in developing web based applications such as websites and web services in both VB.NET and C#, he also has years of experience in advanced SQL database programming, as well as Microsoft Access. Richard has a proven ability to write high quality, efficient and reusable code.

Kc is an expert in Photoshop and Dreamweaver with years of experience and a strong background in XHTML/CSS and Flash. She provides the expertise to create table free layouts and W3C compliant sites. She continues to take classes to improve her design and development skills. Kc also has a background working in Mac and UNIX environments.

Here are some of the websites they have worked on recently:

Artamata — Richard worked with the owner on designing the original site. We are currently working with him to develop the following sites:

Home and Living — This started as a StoreFront designed site. In conjunction with the owner's ideas Richard completely redesigned the user interface and added internal processing such as enhanced searching, shipping rate determination by zip code, exclusion of out-of-stock items, and keyword caching to facilitate building product detail pages on the fly.

PictureBuzz — This is a legacy site in classic ASP. It started with a simple concept and grew as the owner's needs changed and expanded.

KC's sites. Showing off XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver

Amaraland — This site was designed using Dreamweaver and Photoshop and is W3C compliant.

Kc's Kidz — This site will show you some of the different ways proper CSS styling can easily change the look of your site.

Samples of AJAX use with web services.

Minimal samples that attempt to strip away everything not related to the subject at hand so you can easily insert the code into your own applications:

Access Authentication Sample (AJAX) — Demonstrates Access database as Membership provider and authentication utilizing AJAX and AuthenticationService. Downloads of AJAX and non-AJAX versions are supplied (I didn't write AccessMembershipProvider.vb. It was downloaded from a tutorial. I keep intending to code a C# version but never seem to find the time)

Using AJAX to access Custom Web Services — It's easy to provide your own web services that let you precisely control the data flowing between client and server. Eschew Postbacks!!!

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